Administrative Rules Print E-mail

Administrative Rules Defined

Association Representation at Parent/Employee and/or Student/Employee Meetings

Athletic Eligibility

Attendance, Employee

Attendance, Coaching Clinics and Tournaments

Athletic Requisitions

Bloodborne Pathogens

Building Searches

Bus / Vehicle Usage

Check Writing Procedure

Chemical and Paint Donations

CIPA/Internet Safety/Acceptable Use Policy

Computer Software Copyright

Copyright Guidelines

Copyright Policy

Curriculum Cycle

District Payment for Club Expenses

Donations to the District

Door Cards


Emergency School Closing

Evaluation of Supervisors

Extra-Curricular Supervision

Facilities Use Form

Facilities Use Policy

Family and Medical Leave Law

Foreign Exchange Students

Fund Raising

Head Lice and Nits

Hiring Expectations

HRA Participation

Injury Reporting

Inter Library Loan (ILL) Policy

Key Distribution

Kitchen Use

Lane Movement Beyond Masters

Long-Term Substitute Teachers

Lunch Collection

Money Collection

Non-Professional Employee Contracts

PI-34 Licensure Levels

Purchasing and Requisitions

Recognition for Service to the District

Request to Withdraw to Home School

Sale / Disposal of District Owned Equipment and Materials

School Credit Card Usage

School Visitors

Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials

Software Usage

Substitute Calling

Tax Withholding on Alternative Compensation

Technology for Students with Special Needs

Technology Use - Staff

Technology Use - Students

Trips Out of the District

Uniform Purchasing Schedule

Use of Video Recorders in Locker rooms

Vehicle Accidents

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